Segway Tours Singapore




Segway Tours is a series of tourist rides featuring the Personal Mobility Devices offered by Gogreen Holdings. I first took over and maintained their original website in 2009. In 2011, I redesigned and developed the website into a custom coded PHP website that featured a complete online booking package, with payment via ENETS.

In 2016, I revamped the website again, to be more modular, supporting a larger variety of attractions and promotions with a streamlined booking experience. The latest updates see the integration of Stripe payment gateway. I’m eager for an opportunity to refresh the design with responsive features.


Backend Development + Frontend Development + Graphics Design + Photography + UI/UX Design

2016 version of the home page. I opted for pastel, lighter colors for a happy and relaxing feel. The hero banner would communicate the purpose of the site straight away, and you could begin your booking process immediately from the home page if you’re a returning visitor.
Attraction detail. I kept the important information on the left side for right off the bat eye-scanning, while the main content area is flexible to support text, images and videos.
After picking an attraction, a calendar pop ups for your desired date of booking.
After choosing a date, you then fill out some minimal information, followed by payment on the next page.
Redesign of Segway Tours in 2011.
The original Segway tours website in 2009. This was static HTML/CSS.