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2017-Present is a subsidiary of my longest running client, Gogreen Holdings. Being the official distributor for Segway products, Gogreen Holdings requested for an official Segway website for Singapore that would follow the official branding integrated with our creative flair. The site would also be an ecommerce platform, allowing customers to buy products online.

We added a center piece product selector that showcased the products beautifully on a carousel, along with a blog feed on the home page for SEO and creating credibility for the company’s presence in Singapore.

For the backend, we chose to use Woocommerce on the Wordpress platform for ease of implementation, good reliability and support.


Backend Development + Frontend Development + Graphics Design + UI/UX Design

The home page features a hero carousel followed by the product carousel.
Product Selector dropdown.
The product listing
Product features with 360 degree product viewer.
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