December 2018 - April 2019

IACTION is a leading architectural design firm in Shanghai. I was commissioned by Kollektiv Creative Hub in Shanghai to develop a website for them. Kollektiv would take care of the design, while I would flesh out the user experience through the frontend development, create the responsive designs for mobile and tablets and ultimately, integrate the website and CMS on Wordpress.

The challenge was realising the elaborate design which had an intentional element of randomness littered throughout the layout. All this also needed to be easily managed and edited by the company’s members through the CMS.

In the end, I delivered a website true to it’s intended designs and even more with my adaptations on the UI and UX. Take the ever transforming feature wall on the home page, and the magazine-like case studies that have short paragraphs and photos alternating between columns. All these work seamlessly from ultra-wide desktops to the cheapest mobile phones.


Backend Development + Frontend Development + UI/UX Design

Full window splash carousel on load.
The dynamic selected works wall. Alternating testimonials and selected works.
Case studies listing.
Case study detail. The layout is ever changing from article to article, and super easy to create on the backend.
Careers page.