Famous Fox Federation

Web 3.0



The Famous Fox Federation (FFF) is one of the biggest NFT projects on the Solana blockchain, and also my foray into web3 with my web2 experience.
What started off with a few UI suggestions in the DAO ended up with me designing and building the frontend for a plethora of the sites and services (non-exhaustive) shown below.


Branding + Frontend Development + UI/UX Design

Rafffle revolutionised the way how NFTs could be exchanged and won for profit on Solana by everyone. This was one of my first and biggest project with FFF.
The brief was a simple coin flip game. The immediate idea I had was a fun and friendly UX with memorable UI pieces. From the animated coin flipping mascot, to the intentionally massive neon logo reminiscent of the casinos in Vegas, to the various progressions of the spinning coin and sound effects during the flipping process.
Boombox market is a project closed to my heart, being a former music producer and musician struggling to make ends meet with music. I was thrilled to be onboard this project in doing up the UI/UX.
The most famous tool of the FFF. With the new website rebrand from the UI team, I came in to refresh the UI of the original token market.
Marmalade is an open art commission marketplace on Solana for people to discover talented artists to do custom work, and vice versa for artists to find work.
One of the newest additions in late 2022 was FFF releasing their suite of tools to the APTOS blockchain. I helped re-designed and repackaged the tools into a compact site, designed to be scalable and possibly adaptable to future expansions.
FoxySwap is one of the other most used tools by users on the Solana blockchain, to facilitate secure peer to peer trading of NFTs. I helped redesigned the UI/UX of the original, to fit in with the new branding and also enhance the user experience.
Token Management Interface allows users to easily see all the tokens and NFTs in their wallets and be able to list, burn, close them.
Foxy Boutique is the FFF merchandise store with a shopping cart and checkout process.
FoxySend is a tool for sending NFTs in bulk to another wallet.
FoxyList is another tool that provides quality of life to NFT users on the Solana blockchain, allowing them to bulk list their NFTs on several marketplaces. This was created many months before the marketplaces supported a bulk listing feature.
FoxyMint is yet another tool by the FFF to allow users on the Solana Blockchain to create their own on-chain NFTs.
Rarity page on the FFF website to allow users to view the various traits and their rarities, with the ability to toggle between the normal and upgraded versions.