DWS Wifi is a start up based in Singapore with a focus on blockchain technology coupled with wifi sharing.

I was approached to create a beautiful modern and ‘technological’ landing page for their service.

Knowing that this had to give out a grandiose impression right off the bat, I knew I had to make use of HTML5 canvas animations.

I eventually settled on a concept of an animated globe filled with points which would symbolise wifi hotspots. The red was from the company’s identity, and I paired it on a dark theme to give a cyberpunk hacker-like feel.
The feature animation was a composite of multiple HTML5 Canvas animations. We made use of bright clean colorful shapes and lines in the subsequent diagrams to contrast and stand out against the dark theme.


Backend Development + Frontend Development + Graphics Design + UI/UX Design

Home animated splash screen
HTML5 Canvas Animations
Dark theme with red highlights
Bright colorful clean diagrams stand out against the dark background.