Advertising + Technology


2010 - 2016

My work at Avazu Inc began as a freelancer when they were still an enterprising advertising start-up back in 2010. During their infancy, I exclusively shaped the user interfaces of their programmatic advertising platforms (read more in the UI/UX case study) and also designed all of their public-facing products such as corporate websites and various online and offline promotional materials.

As Head of Creative at Avazu Inc, I also helped rebrand their identity and craft new ones for their new products and services.
I worked closely with designers, project managers and programmers across multiple departments and subsidiaries while reporting directly to the CEO.

Millions of people soon started using their services and transformed them into a publicly listed company.


Branding + Frontend Development + Graphics Design + Identity + UI/UX Design

Due to the broad range of services rendered, the scope of work for Avazu Inc. has been split into multiple case studies below.

Old logo (left) vs rebranded logo (right)
Various Avazu Subsidiary logos I designed.

I’ve been working with Fred for several projects and he could fully understand our requirements, non-technical as well as technical. Fred is really a quick learner and team player with good sense of aesthetic conceptions and helped us improving the user experience and usability dramatically for our projects.

Yi Shi
CEO Avazu Inc
Roll-up banners and poster.
Early corporate website (2012).
Key visuals for 2014 official site design.
Corporate website 2014 redesign.