Advertising + Technology

Global + Shanghai

2010 - 2016

One of my early forays into UI and especially UX, because the Avazu DSP and Private Exchange platforms would end up being used by hundreds of thousands of users, incurring millions of transactions in buying and selling ads between publishers and advertisers.

I started freelancing for Avazu in early 2010 to help revamp their UI design along with creating web 2.0 html/css/js frontend code. The biggest challenge in the UX was to organise an insane amount of data and user inputs in a logical, easy on the eyes and easy to use layout.

The success of the Avazu DSP revamp led me to work on all of their subsequent projects for the next 6 years, including Avazu Private Exchange for publishers and advertisers, Avazu DSP Mobile, their various corporate public-facing websites. Later as head of creative, I would revamp the identity of Avazu and determine the visual direction of all their products and services.


Frontend Development + Graphics Design + UI/UX Design

Due to the broad range of services rendered, the scope of work for Avazu Inc. has been split into multiple case studies below.

Redesigned APX Mobile Campaigns List (2015)
Original APX Mobile Campaigns List before redesign. The challenge was to figure out what all this meant to the user, and reorganise them in a meaningful and useful way.
An earlier version of APX Campaigns List which I designed (2013)
MDSP Add New Campaign (2014)
MDSP Home Page (2014)
AvazuNet Corporate Site Home (2012)
AvazuNet Corporate Site Advertiser (2012)
AvazuDSP Dashboard Redesign (2011). Unlike my later works, these initial redesigns were more of enhancements on top of their existing code with CSS.
AvazuDSP Line Items Redesign (2011).
AvazuDSP Creative Engine Redesign (2011). This was one of my first and most challenging UI/UX work, to reformat a page full of user inputs and make it look nice.
AvazuDSP Creative Engine ORIGINAL before redesign. (2011)