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Outstanding Southeast Asian Restaurant 2016, Editor's Pick, Cityweekend Shanghai.

I am an accidental food and beverage enthusiast. It all started from cooking at home after I moved to Shanghai. I was poor and wanted to eat well; The most practical solution was to learn to cook. Little would I know that replicating the food I ate growing up in Singapore would turn into a successful enterprise later.

In 2013, I started a food blog called TheShanghaiKid. Inspired by the many food blogs I visit and magazines I read, I had a deep desire to create photos and stories to showcase food and eateries that I’ve visited.

One article led to another, many friendships forged between media, chefs, restaurant owners and soon I was propelled into the world of Food media, even hailed as “a walking food encyclopedia” on Shanghai’s official English newspaper, The Shanghai Daily.

By 2014, I had already amassed a wealth of knowledge from visiting restaurants and talking with chefs and owners all over Shanghai, and gathered a healthy following. Through my Creative endeavours, I had also helped a start up cafe, Mr Nice, in their journey to become a trending restaurant, eventually becoming a leading restaurant chain in Shanghai.

Halfway into 2014, I decided to walk the talk, and plunge in to the very world I scrutinized. I opened my first restaurant, Hello Miss Dong.

Fred Lin at his restaurant, Hello Miss Dong.
Shanghai 2015

Named after my wife, Hello Miss Dong’s name was intended to stick out like a sore thumb, bearing zero meaning to Singaporean food or food for that matter, yet to become the name synonymous with great Singaporean food in Shanghai. A bold and cocky branding move that would only work if the food was exceptional.

The best bowl of Bak Chor Mee that money could buy in Shanghai between 2015 and 2017.
Fred Lin and Singaporean Celebrity Chef, Willin Low at Hello Miss Dong Shanghai.

Thankfully, my recipes lived up to the many’s expectations. Hello Miss Dong attracted diners from all walks of life including the likes of Singaporean celebrity chef Willin Low amongst many industryleading professionals in F&B.

On our second year, we were awarded CityWeekend magazine’s editors pick for Outstanding Southeast Asian Restaurant of 2016. It was an unbelievable honor — Surreal for someone’s debut in the business as chef owner and marketer, surpassing all other southeast Asian representatives in the restaurant category.

But all good things had to come to an end. Towards 2017, I decided to move back to Singapore because I was tired of living in Shanghai for the 11th year. My wife and I decided to embark on a new chapter, settling back at my hometown of Singapore.

Today, I continue to maintain The Shanghai Kid, expanding my coverage to Singapore while continuing to observe and study market trends, waiting for the right opportunity to start something again.